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Cheatsicon Cheat Codes A list of codes you can enter on your keyboard to unlock special surprises on Poptropica, codes you can enter on your cell phone from Nabooti Island to receive secret clothing, and more.

Costumesicon Costume Database

A database of the coolest costumes, old or new, obtainable in Poptropica. Get Poptropica fashion tips, view other players’ characters, and submit your own for others to take a look at.


How to draw Director D

How to: Draw a Poptropican Learn how to draw a Poptropican character using this clear and simple-to-follow step-by-step guide. You don’t have to be a good artist to master this doodle!


Poptropica Font

That’s right, you can download the Poptropica dialogue font for free to use on your computer!



Easily access almost any location in Poptropica by “teleporting” – getting to certain locations instantly! Great for getting out of stuck locations!


Poptropica Names

See if you can find your Poptropican’s first and last names in this gigantic list of all the possible names you can get on Poptropica!



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